Specifically designed for poured-in-situ (seamless) indoor flooring, our granules are included in ultra high quality complexes as they can be laid in high traffic areas (halls, building entrances, etc.) but also in rooms requiring specific maintenance (school canteens, hospital rooms or corridors, etc.).

Our very extensive range of colours gives you the option to design your flooring using a wide range of colours that can be mixed in our factory (to order and to the exact percentage).

Our granules are bonded with resins developed specifically for such applications in order to ultimately secure UPEC classifications (French quality mark for floor coverings) compliant with the requirements of the premises they will be used in. They must be laid by qualified installers.

For your applications

Halls, entrances to buildings,…

Canteens, cafeterias, university restaurants,…

Hospital rooms or corridors, health care facilities and services, …

Schoolrooms, waiting rooms, community halls,…

For any other use…

Our solutions for your projects

High resistance
Long life

Poured seamlessly
Excellent resistance to wear
Easy maintenance

Sound reduction
Specially for high traffic areas

More than 40 colours
Colour mixing option
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