Specifically designed for the infill of artificial turf pitches, our EPDM granules provide optimum playability and durability of technical characteristics.
In addition, our R&D lab has been meticulous in developing high-tech formulas providing guarantees for both users and the environment (fauna, flora, water table, etc.) as the products in our TURF range are covered by non-toxicity certification (EPDM granules containing no heavy metals, for food contact and compliant with the EU REACH Directive).

For your infills of

Indoor surfaces

Outdoor surfaces / Sports pitches

Advantages of artificial turf + EPDM granule surfaces

Can be played on whatever the weather (say goodbye to match officials calling off a game for reasons of poor ground conditions!)

Perfect for intensive use.

Protects the environment:
Saves on water.
No need to mow.
No need for fertilizers.
SOCAMONT EPDM Granules made without heavy metals, for food contact and compliant with the REACH regulation (certificate of non-toxicity available).

Top notch playability, thanks in particular to the addition of SOCAMONT EPDM granules:
Optimum comfort = product designed specifically for this use.
No problem of bad odour.
Included in a FIFA 2-star certified surface.
Protects players with excellent shock absorption.

Excellent fire resistance for our SOCAMONT EPDM Granules for indoor (and also outdoor use).

Granule colours can be customised to match club or town colours, pointing out that light colours (green in general) ensure less accumulation of heat (thereby reducing the return thereof).