Ever conscious of user safety but also of the environment, our R&D lab has been developing high-quality EPDM granules for over 25 years now, not only to create children's playgrounds but also athletics tracks, tennis courts, multisports surfaces, swimming pool surrounds and more.

Manufactured on our sole site at Montaigut-en-Combraille (F-63700), in the heart of France, all our SPORT&LUDIQUE EPDM granules meet the requirements with which they must comply. In addition, our products are all covered by non-toxicity certification as we have taken care to formulate them without heavy metals, for food contact and in accordance with REACH, the EU Chemicals Regulation.

For your applications

  • Playgrounds
  • Athletics tracks
  • Multipurpose sports surfaces
  • Sports, recreational or fitness trails
  • Tennis courts
  • Swimming pool surrounds and water play areas
  • Equine facilities
  • Other applications…

Our strength supporting your projects

High resistance.
UV protection.

Impact absorption.
Fire resistance.
Easy to maintain.

No hazardous component.
Food-safe formulation.
Compliance with French & international standards.

Aesthetic appearance.
Extensive colour chart.
Several grain sizes.
Easy installation.

All the products in our SPORT&LUDIQUE range are MADE IN FRANCE.

24 couleurs au choix
Votre applicateur vous confirmera l'épaisseur nécessaire en fonction de votre besoin.
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